Batman engages Flash-velocity, runs close and plants and EMP cost, runs away, Cyborg KO'ed.

SORRY, BUTBAT MAN WOULD DIE In opposition to CYBORG, AND TO @Exterior_85 , BAT MAN "May" Presumably Engage "FLASH'S" Pace "IF" HE Have been Carrying THE "INSIDER Swimsuit", But the OP Stated HE Did not have IT,SO THERE GOES HIS Likelihood To make use of The facility OF A SPEEDSTER.....Both Method, CYBORG WOULD "Increase TUBE" HIM Or simply USE HIS SONIC WEAPONRY AND KILL HIM.....WITH Absolutely "NO MORALS" ON FOR VICTOR, BAT MAN DIES.....SORRY BRUCE.....

Obviously the OP has been changed since I made that comment 7 MONTHS Ago.

Men's Cotton Hulk on Avengers Short Sleeve Tops TeesOP wasn't changed.

@Batman242 mentioned:

@BigCimmerian: Why would you even make this? The only probability Batman really has is speaking to Vic; make him really feel like he is not human.... Solely method

Batman has defeated tougher opponents than Cyborg with much less prep.

NO.....BAT MAN Is not GOING TO EVER DO SQUAT Towards A "MORALS OFF" CYBORG Besides DIE EVEN "WITH" HIS INSIDER Swimsuit (WHICH BY The way in which Is very OVERRATED), AND I don't CARE If you Stated IT 7 MONTHS In the past OR NOT, You are Still "Improper"....DID THE OP EVER "SAY" HE Will get ANY Kind OF"PREP"??? NO??? THEN BAT inhumans t-shirts MAN DIES....Interval!!!! DEAL WITH IT, Large CIMMERIAN.....BAT-MAN Can't EVEN "SCRATCH" VICTOR'S PROMETHIUM ARMORED Physique, Let alone "Damage" HIM.......LET IT GO, BRUCE WOULD DIE.....AND WHY NOT MAKE reverse flash t-shirt IT??? It's a Fight THAT "YOU" SAY THAT BRUCE CAN WIN, But I SAY HE Can't Primarily based ON HIS PRIOR SHOWINGS, SO Prove TO ME And everybody ELSE THAT BRUCE CAN WIN THIS Towards VICTOR "With out PREP THEN, As a result of I don't Think HE CAN..... Here is more information in regards to darth vader t-shirts look at our web page.